Dexterity Rhythmic Gymnastics Club

All rhythmic dance teachers and assistance are highly experienced rhythmic gymnasts and acrobats having competed at all levels including national and international level.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic sport that combines the strength and flexibility of gymnastics with the grace and dexterity of dance, performed with hand apparatus: hoop, ball, clubs, rope and ribbon.

Rhythmic Dance students will work towards display performances and will have the opportunity to progress to regional and national competitions.   All apparatus will be provided although the purchase of your own apparatus is encouraged but not essential.

Estha’s unique approach to Rhythmic Dance is built upon over 30 years of Rhythmic Gymnastics experience including international competitions and professional speciality performance. Estha has taught and choreographed for top level gymnasts across the county and now she is bringing these skills to Dexterity develop a new approach incorporating rhythmic gymnastics with dance.  Hand apparatus will focus on swinging, circling, rotating, throwing, catching, rolling and exchanging as well as juggling. Estha has the ability to teach and choreograph impressive performance pieces from recreational to high performance level.

The 2 hour Saturday class will include gymnastic and acrobatic skilled training as well as learning to hand the apparatus and combine all this with dance choreography. The class will end with intensive body conditioning session to prevent injury within the dances of the discipline. Traditionally this has been a female sport and now Estha continues to break the boundaries and open up Rhythmic Dance to male participants as the skill base will stand any serious dance / circus performer in good stead.

Wednesday 4-5pm  Beginners aged 4-10

Wednesday 5-7 pm Intermediate

Wednesday 6-9 pm Seniors

Friday  4-5pm  Beginners

Friday 5-6.30pm  Intermediates

Saturday 2.30-4.30 pm Beginners display team